Social Media

Creating and nurturing your online community is more important than ever. You need to be in the right place with the right message at the right time to cut through the noise and grab your target audience’s attention. Social media is still a great way to engage your online audience and I can help you make the best of your resources to achieve your goals.

Social Media Audit

Most businesses have been using social media for years, but many have noticed that their efforts are not as successful as they once were. Why? The landscape has changed. And it’s well worth your time to figure it out.
It comes down to this: our time and resources are limited, so it makes sense to know if we are spending that time and money wisely on social media. I will evaluate your efforts, and tell you what tools to use or not use, and how to best engage your audience.

Social Media Strategy

What tools should I use? How often should I post? How do I respond to negative comments? It seems like there should be a standard answer to each of these questions and there is. The answer is “it depends.”

Every business is different and that is reflected in their social media strategies. Tools and strategies are based on goals and target audiences, not what Mashable says is the hottest new tool. Working with me to create a social media strategy will answer all these questions and more in ways that are meaningful and effective for your business.

Social Media Tool Set-up and Management

Once the content and social media strategies are created, you can hire me to handle the set-up and management. I’ll work closely with you and your business to ensure the company’s voice is used (not mine) and the content plan is executed as agreed upon.