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Email Marketing

While declared dead by many people over the years, email marketing is still very much alive and working. Social Media is always important, but thanks to privacy issues and constant algorithm changes, it is becoming less effective for staying in touch with your best customers. Email marketing tools have changed a lot over the past few years offering better targeting, landing pages, and even marketing automation.

There are various stages you can be in with regards to your email marketing, and I’m here to help at each step.

The idea of getting started with email marketing can be overwhelming. You are busy running your business, and email marketing is the thing on your to-do list that keeps getting pushed off for another day. You may have a list started, but nothing else.

Let’s get together to create a plan based on your business and goals. Let me do the heavy lifting of setting everything up and getting your prepared to execute our strategy.

You have sent email newsletters in the past, but those stopped at some point. You are ready to start back up, but don’t know how to begin. I will evaluate what you have done in the past so that we can create a new plan based on your current business needs. We will devise a re-engagement strategy to communicate with those already on the list and begin building it with new subscribers.

Spring Cleaning
Many businesses send a monthly email newsletter, but may not know what is going on with the technical side of your email marketing tool. Are you using it to its potential based on your goals? Do your sign-up forms and templates need a makeover? Let me evaluate your current strategy and set-up, so I can provide you with action items to improve your results.

Day-to-Day Management
You know you need to get that email newsletter out, but the thought of sitting down and setting up your email marketing tool sends you running away. I get it. The technical side of email marketing can be time-consuming. In addition to evaluating your current situation, and creating a plan, I can handle the actual sending of the email newsletter and report on the results.

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, contact me and let’s talk.

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