There was a time when Twitter was my absolute favorite social media tool. There was always a conversation to join, a question to answer, or an answer to my question. It had a real sense of community and I miss it. Now when I look at Twitter, I see automated posts from other social tools such as Facebook and Instagram. I also see a lot of programmed posts from tools like Buffer. It has become a newsfeed much more than a community. Where is the social part of social media?

Companies are one of the biggest culprits of pushing content with no interaction and I believe that if you increase your interaction with your tribe, you can break through the noise on all these social networks. I see so many brands on Instagram that have a ton of followers, but follow no one. They are just posting and not interested in interaction. I often discover new companies to follow, because they find me based on who I follow and interact with. I am more inclined to follow them back if it is a topic that interests me.

Yes, content marketing is very important, but engagement with your tribe that is tied to your content is where the conversations take place allowing you to nurture your community. Ask questions relating to your content and how you can help them. There are things you can do beyond engaging with your tribe about your content. Share content from other tribe members, provide advice or answer questions even when it has nothing to do with your area of expertise. Be useful.

Follow back your followers. You don’t have to follow them all, use the same requirements you use when you choose to follow someone on your personal accounts. If you are on Instagram, go through your feed, and like or comment on some pictures. Don’t be afraid to start conversations with those you follow. You don’t have to be business all the time, show your personality.

The content is what is going to attract new members to your tribe, the conversation is what is going to nurture and keep them engaged. Get out there and be more social.