There are many reasons to perform a content audit, but my focus when I do them for clients is to evaluate content that has been created over the years and determine how it fits into the company’s content marketing plan. Trying to continually create content is difficult, especially for a small business that needs as much time as possible to service clients and produce products. Content creation is important, but often takes a back seat when we are busy running out businesses. Leveraging content that already exists can lighten this burden.

When evaluating a company’s content it usually fits into one of three actions: update for reuse, transform into something new, or create a new revenue stream. The first action is to update and reuse the content. You may have done a client presentation two years ago that is sitting on your computer just waiting to be updated and reused as a blog post, email newsletter, or social media post. It is very likely that there are multiple posts within just one presentation. It’s just a matter of identifying what works for your target audience and crafting the post or newsletter.

The second action is transforming the information into something new. I am working with a design firm and my client to change some of their presentation slides into infographics for their website and social media posts. You can give that information new life by transforming it into a new format or information. You can take a questionnaire you have used in the past and make it into quiz to place on your website. Other content can be created into a series of emails that you share to people who sign up for your newsletter. You are attracting new readers with content that is valuable to that audience.

The last action is when you Identify content that can be turned into a whole new revenue stream. Looking over all your content, there may be enough to form a basis of an e-book or book. Maybe you have done so much training over the years that you now have enough material to build an online course. This happened to me this summer. After auditing all my content, I found that I had the basis of several courses. This led me to rebuild Marketing Roadhouse and will be rolling out these courses throughout 2016.

Yes, there is still work involved in reusing and transforming this content, but it provides you a solid foundation of content. It makes the creation process much easier than starting from scratch. It also allows you to involve others on your team especially if they have graphic, video or audio skills and can transform that content for you. So take a look through your old files and see what treasures may be there. If you are interested in having me do a content audit for you, just let me know.