BlueChairKenny Chesney has a song called Old Blue Chair where he describes a beach chair that he has spent a lot of time in thinking, writing songs, reading and even sleeping. This got me to thinking that as business owners we often have a place that helps us to refocus, recharge and brainstorm. While we all wish our blue chair was on a beach in some beautiful location like Kenny’s, it is probably some place much closer to home.

Some people go running to gain that moment of clarity. Others find inspiration in the shower. The great outdoors has always helped me. In college it was the overlook at Coopers Rock State Forest. There was something about that view that made me realize how small my problems truly were and allowed me to regain a positive attitude. The amazing scenery also was very conducive to creative thinking.

When I worked at Netscape in California, I would get away to Monterey and spend some time looking at the ocean. Water has always had a calming effect on me. I would top off the trip with a hot fudge sundae at Ghirardelli. The combination of the drive and destination would help me clear my mind and feel re-energized.

Now that I live in Maryland (not near the coast) it isn’t so much a destination as much as it is getting away from all technology. Nine times out of 10 this means taking a drive through country roads playing my favorite music and singing along. This past summer I purchased a Jeep Wrangler, so getting out on the road with the top down has become even more therapeutic for me.

I strongly believe that you have to get away from everything from time to time in order to clear your mind, think more creatively and relax. We are hit with so many stimuli on a daily basis, that in order to really be creative and grow your business, you need to unplug once and awhile. Your turn. I would love to hear what is your “blue chair”.