There are a lot of reports on the Internet that will tell you the best time to send you email newsletter, but I want to caution you before you blindly follow those reports. Why? Because everyone else that read that report will be sending their emails at that time, plus you don’t know that it is the best time for your target audience. I don’t know about you, but when I get a lot of promotional emails or email newsletters all at once, I feel overwhelmed and delete them without reading. I’m sure the research works for companies, but my goal with my email newsletter is to not go with the flow.

My email newsletter gets delivered every Sunday evening at 7:00 pm, and I selected that timing for a specific reason. I wanted my email newsletter to arrive at the beginning of the week when people are making plans for the week, feeling motivated, and are up for trying new things. Most of my readers are business owners or head up one-person marketing departments, so they are often checking their inboxes on Sunday evening in order to prep for a new week. My goal is give them some information that will make their week a little easier or offer some inspiration. Is it the perfect time? I don’t know, but it is working for me. Get to know your audience and see what may make sense for you. Try different times and days, track your open rates, and see what is working the best. Once you find that day and time stay consistent so your audience knows when to expect your email.

Keep an eye out for trends affecting your target audience. A report came out last week talking about how online spending increases Friday nights after a person have had a few drinks. If this is your target audience, consider sending out a promo on Friday evening to get them spending those dollars at your store.

Don’t just follow the flow because of someone’s reports. Spend some time getting to know your target audience and what makes the most sense for you and them.