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By Beth Schillaci 9 years ago
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A few months ago my good friend Jessica Hibbard ventured out on her own to start her own business, Stories and Ideas. Of course it didn’t take long for the two of us to decide we had to work together on a project. A few cups of coffee later, the Content and Community Ideashop was born. Why Ideashop and not a workshop? We want to create a day of interactive learning where you leave with a solid methodology that you can put into action upon your return to the office.

C & C Ideashop (I know if you are of a certain age, like myself, you are now humming “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C&C Music Factory) was born out of the idea that people have been using social media for some time now, but still struggle with consistently producing quality content. This is that next level discussion that marketing and communication professionals are wanting.

The part of the Ideashop I am most excited about is the Hands-on photo and video demonstration. We will have an area where we will demonstrate how to set-up photos and videos with lighting and you can practice taking shots right there.

We are offering a $50 early bird discount until October 12. This is not like many conferences you go to where the speakers are not compensated so you only get half of the story, you will get the same information we provide to our consulting clients at a fraction of the price. Get all the details and register at

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