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By Beth Schillaci 9 years ago
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Labor day has passed and this brings the unofficial end of summer with fall sports and school starting. I know we all think of Spring Cleaning, but while we were cleaning out our garage over the weekend, I realized that Fall was a good time to re-evaluate what you are doing with your marketing and social media. If your fiscal year follows the calendar, you have 4 months until the end of the year to blow out your goals you set in January. Now is a great time to re-focus.

Let’s look at one area that I feel could use a little clean-up. Over the summer I noticed that, on my social media streams, people seem to have lost track of all the tools they use. I say this because I see many people, and not newbies, double post to Twitter because they are using multiple tools that auto-post for them. We all like to check out the newest tool, but we need to be careful that we go back and clean up those that we no longer want to use or have replaced with something better.

So as we wait for the crisp air to fill the air here in the Mid-Atlantic, take a few moments to review your own streams on your social networks to see if and what you are auto-posting. Are they still relevant? Are you double-posting? Make adjustments where necessary and free yourself up to focus on the tools that make the most sense for your strategy. What other marketing fall cleaning can we do?

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