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By Beth Schillaci 9 years ago
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I know things have been pretty quiet here at Marketing Roadhouse, and that’s for a very good reason. I have spent close to a year immersing myself in some new concepts and being more of a student than a teacher. While I am still working with clients to assist them to integrate social media into their marketing strategy, I have also been spending time researching and forming ideas and opinions around the evolution from social media to social business.

As part of this process, I have teamed up with Daria Steigman of Steigman Communications to create a new joint venture called Social Biz Smarts with a focus on helping companies begin the move towards being a social business. You can read what we are up to over at the Social Biz Smarts site and be sure to check out our blog as well.

What does this mean for Marketing Roadhouse? It will still be here and will become a little more focused on marketing, in general, while still including social media topics. I just feel we are getting to a point that you social media doesn’t stand alone and belongs as part of the overall marketing conversation. I hope to see you here or on Social Biz Smarts, of course I would love to see you at both…

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In my almost 20 years in business, I feel like I can sum things up as Been There, Done That. I have won awards, presented in front of more people than I can count and even wrote a book, but one thing has not changed – I love working with businesses to help them tell their story to the world.