Goals. Some set their goals in the beginning of their social media planning and never look at them again. Others, don’t bother setting any goals and just dive right in to using the tools. The biggest problem with either of these conditions is you don’t know how you are performing.

Do you have goals? Do you remember what they are? If yes, you get a gold star. Another gold star if you are measuring to assess your success towards reaching those goals. If there are any of you still reading, let’s get back on track with your goals.

If you have goals, but have long forgot about them, you should first evaluate if your goals are still relevant and make sense for your business. Business evolves, and so do your audience and goals. This is the reason I’m a big believer of reviewing your goals, at the very least, on a yearly basis. When it comes to social media, you may want to consider reviewing your goals every 6 months.

If you don’t have goals, there is no better time than the present. Goals can help you stay focused on your social media activities and help you determine your success. Each tool you have may have a very different goal and target audience. This is yet another reason to reconsider auto posting to all your accounts.

Take a few moments and look at what you are doing and where you want to head. Do you remember what your goals are?