Consistently providing relevant and useful content to your target audience can be a challenge. I hear quite often, that people sit down at their computer, bring up Twitter or Facebook and just don’t know what to type. It can be even more difficult if you have been active in social media for awhile. You feel like you have said it all before. If this sounds like you, you are not alone.

We have already talked about making sure you are still creating content for your target audience and looking at your engagement levels. Evaluating these can very well lead to some new content ideas, but if you are still struggling, let’s get back to some basics.

I know I have brought up the editorial calendar before, but it really does work. If you don’t have one, add creating one for November to you to do list. I have been consistently using one for some time now and I find I am able to better concentrate on my content. I admit, I have been much better about content on this blog than my spokes as of late.

Curate, don’t just create. Jay Baer has a great post on curation vs. creation research that you should check out. We often fall into the thinking that we need to be always creating our own content because people will find the other content. This is not necessarily the case. People are busy and if you can curate the best news and links for them, you are providing a great resource.

So these are just two things to give you a boost in generating content. Are you using one or both of these methods?