It’s no secret that social media has grown both in the number of personal users and businesses trying to get the attention of those users. This means the competition for eyeballs has increased for many of us that started using social media for our business years ago. Cutting through the noise has become much more difficult, and we need to take a look at what we are doing in terms of engagement.

I’ve talked to people lately and some have all expressed the same concern that their engagement seems to have dropped off. I don’t know if this is an overall trend, but when people that I feel do a great job in social media all say this to me, it makes me wonder. Have we hit a plateau? Have people been overloaded and pulled back from their social media activity? Is it seasonal?

Take a look at the items that garnered the most engagement either in comments, likes or sharing. Can you add more of these types of posts into you mix? There is no science to this, but it does help to look for trends to see what has worked in the past. There is no guarantee that it will work now, but if it has been missing from your mix, it sure is time to give it another try.

Another thing to do is look what other brands are doing. Is it something you can replicate without being to complete copycat. I find looking at what other successful companies do can inspire me with my own ideas.

If you are willing to share, what has been your experience lately with regards to engagement?