Socialcam describes themselves as “the easiest way to share videos”. I think of it as microblogging with videos using your smartphone. There are apps for iPhone and Android available at no charge. Socialcam is developed by the team and as of July had 1 million downloads.

You record a video using your phone and from there upload to Socialcam. You also have the ability to push it to Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Tumblr and Dropbox. Like most social tools, you can follow people, comment and share videos through the app.

This tool has made it onto my radar because of the popularity of Instagram for taking and sharing photos. That app is only on the iPhone and is being used by news organizations and businesses. Socialcam makes it easy to share quick videos with no need to edit or compress. Just think of the possibilities when you are out of the office at events or on site with a client.

Are you using Socialcam? What do you think?