Pinterest has to be one of the most addicting social networks to come on the scene in awhile, at least I believe so. Pinterest is a digital inboard. I use their bookmarklet on Firefox, so when I see something I want to pin, I click the bookmarklet, choose the image from the page I want to bookmark, and add any description. You can put these pins on boards, basically creating categories. It’s really a visual bookmark tool.

What makes it truly social is the ability to follow people, look at their pins and then add comments or repin to one of your boards. You really can lose hours looking at other boards and getting ideas.

It is on my radar because I have already seen some highly visual brands using Pinterest including Real Simple Magazine.  The audience right now seems to be mostly female and pins run the gamut of tech gadgets, art, people, recipes, fashion and much more. I see a great use of this to be creating mood and idea boards for yourself. One feature I would like to see added is private boards so you could share it just with clients or a specific group of people.

Have you tried Pinterest? What are you using it for?