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By Beth Schillaci 9 years ago
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SCVNGR pronounced Scavenger is a location-based game similar to Foursquare, but offers much more. In addition to check-ins from your mobile device, you can participate in challenges, treks and earn rewards from participating companies.

Companies and organizations are using the Treks to create more involvement by users beyond checking in and sharing photos and tips. It allows these businesses to create scavenger hunts either within their facility or in multiple locations. See how New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has used SCVNGR for one of its new exhibits.

It is on my radar because it is backed by Google and it is goes beyond the basic capabilities of its competition. I can see companies and non-profits find interesting people to immerse people into their experience. The drawback is that if Foursquare would decide to add this functionality they would instantly win since they have the larger market share. Good news is that it isn’t a huge time commitment beyond the initial set-up.

Have you tried SCVNGR yet?

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