It seems like there is a new social media tool on the market every day. As soon as this new tool is announced it is deemed a Killer of whatever tool is popular at the moment. This leads us all to wonder, should I jump over to the new tool? Does it need to be added to my toolbox? Should you abandon the “dead” tool?

Part of my job is to stay on top of all these tools and evaluate which ones are effective for my clients based on their goals and audience. This is much easier said than done due to the vast amount that come out on a regular basis. This means a lot of reading and a lot of accounts set up all over the Interwebz, many of which become tumbleweed accounts because I abandon them quickly. I also like to see what others are talking about or linking to on Twitter and Facebook. To see a press release is one thing, but to see that others are actually using it, is entirely different.

Part of my new format here at Marketing Roadhouse is to provide you with some tools that are “On My Radar” (Wednesdays of most weeks). I won’t get into too much detail or implementation advice, but I will let you know some of the more interesting tools that I have my eyes on or are currently using. I’m hoping that this can help you make some informed decisions on what tools to pursue and which to pass by. Your time is valuable, so if I can save you a little, my job here is done.

I’ll also be providing a few hints in the next couple of weeks onto how to view new tools before jumping in head first with your business. What are some of the ways you keep an eye on tools? Any new tools you would like to hear about?