When I started VillageWorks many moons ago, everyone told me I needed to work on my elevator pitch. It made sense to me to have a short description of my business including what I did and the kind of customers I help, but I found so many were laden with buzzwords that you really couldn’t get a feel for what someone actually did. I use to think, “just get to the point already”.

Fast-forward to today where you often have less than 30 seconds and rarely get to deliver your pitch in person. As a matter of fact, your pitch is often limited to a number of characters especially in the case of social networks. Therefore I am changing the name to your Twitter Pitch. People are making decisions to opt-in to your message in mere seconds by looking at your profile, avatar, website and/or blog. Are you making a strong and positive first impression?

Social media and marketing, in general, is about relationships and fostering those towards your desired call to action whether it be visiting a website, visiting a store, making an appointment, etc. If your Twitter Pitch is overly pushy or salesy, people are likely to ignore you. As the use of social media becomes more prevalent, the noise increases making it harder for your signal to get through. What can you do to rise above?

Take a look at my friend Melissa’s great post on creating a profile bio that cuts through the noise and kicks off the relationship in a positive manner. Can you tell your story in 140 characters?