I do a fair amount of speaking, which is something I really enjoy. In the past, I tried to manage notes either in the form of hand-written notes or in the little area for notes that PowerPoint provides. Either way they had to be on paper which caused a few problems:

1. I would lose them
2. They sometimes got out of order
3. If I didn’t lose them, I got tired of storing them.

While not every presentation is exactly the same, there are usually similar themes and ideas, so I tend to pull from previous presentations. Again, this made managing my notes difficult. What am I getting at? My presentation makeover using a few apps and my iPad.

I started using Keynote when I purchased it for both my Mac and my iPad. I could hook my iPad to a projector for my presentation, but mainly I use it to create Keynote presentations of just my notes for use during my presentation. That way I can have my notes right there on my iPad during the presentation. It’s an easy way for me to stay on track and store notes from past events.

I create the notes on my Mac and using iDisk I am able to easily get them onto my iPad. We have a family MobileMe account, so we can share documents with each other and the iPad. I simply drop the presentation into the iDisk directory on my computer and pull it down onto the iPad. Easy peasy.

The last mobile app I like to use when giving presentation is the remote for Keynote on my iPhone. If the projector is not in front of me, I am able to control my Keynote presentation via my iPhone.

These are just a few tools I like to use before and during presentations to keep me on-track and more organized. Do you have any tech tips you use when presenting?