I don’t typically promote events here, but wanted to pass on an event that Network Solutions will be holding a Small Business Mobile Livestream on May 17th. Given the new trend of mobile, the more information we can all gather the better, so that we can better understand when and how to best utilize this technology.

From Network Solutions:

Our recent Small Business Success Index (pdf) reports that small businesses are widely embracing the concept of marketing their products and services on the web and through social media, but a new frontier will be mobile marketing.  Mobile marketing encompasses a range of activities ranging from sending text messages to creating mobile applications.  Most small business owners are aware of various mobile marketing activities, the best known including:  sending text messages to customers about a promo (73 percent) and listing the company on a location-based website (68 percent).  Most owners are aware of other applications, including creating their own mobile website, placing ads on mobile websites, and creating their own apps for their business.  While awareness of mobile marketing activities is high, usage is low. This could be due to a variety of reasons from time/budget limitations to a lack of understanding on how to get started.

While on the other hand, the use of mobile devices to find a local business is on the rise. One in three searches on mobile is local. After searching for a business: 61% call the business, 59% visit the business; 88% take action the same day.

Join Network Solutions on May 17th, 1:30-2:30PM (EST) to learn:

  • What exactly is mobile marketing, and why should you pay attention?
  • What is the current state of small businesses and mobile technology?
  • What are some simple and cost-effective steps to going mobile?
  • How can you incorporate mobile into your strategic marketing plans?
  • What are some small business mobile best practices that you can learn from?

For more details on the panelists and to register for the FREE Livestream, please visit http://smbmobile.eventbrite.com/.