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At its core, VillageWorks is and has always been a marketing company. The tools to achieve our clients’ marketing goals are technology-based, whether they are websites, social media, or mobile solutions.

I am VillageWorks and my name is Beth Schillaci. So who am I? I could be branded as many things: Analyst. Artisan. Marketer. Geek. Businesswoman. Author. Lover of Life. Each of these labels  would stick pretty well


My company, VillageWorks Communications, specializes in putting new media to work for small businesses. It’s never  a one-size-fits-all solution, and I recognize that careful research, detailed analysis, attention to detail, precise measurement, and patience are but a few of the ingredients necessary to achieve success with digital marketing.


In addition to owning VillageWorks, I am co-owner of SoapPrizes with my daughter. We handcraft small batches of soap and other bath and home products. Having a product-based business is very different from services. The experience and knowledge from running SoapPrizes gives me a different point of view that my clients benefit from.


I love technology and its impact on business and on society as a whole. A self-professed geek, I’ve been fascinated for most of my life by computers, software, gadgets, and their influence on our everyday lives. Getting to use them in my day-to-day business and help others use them to maximum effectiveness is pretty doggone cool.


Since completing my bachelor of science in business administration from West Virginia University (I’m a Mountaineer through thick and through thin), magna cum laude, I have been focused on emerging technologies and new media, and how they can help businesses grow. It’s more than just logging into Twitter; VillageWorks develops sound strategies for our clients that deliver results, not just chatter.


Over the years, I amassed so much data, so much research, and so many success stories that I combined it all in Your Social Media Roadmap, a guide for small businesses to help navigate the myriad twists and turns of new media marketing.

Lover of life.

I’ve been in Frederick, Maryland, for more than 13 years, and it’s my home. I love its history, its architecture, the hustle and the bustle of its shops and restaurants. It’s the perfect contrast to VillageWorks, whose business is focused on banishing antiquated ways of thinking and employing emerging technologies and new media to achieve our clients’ goals.


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